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Resellers -- About the HostCentric Platform Upgrade -- Important Information and Changes

We've launched the new HostCentric hosting platform! Designed specifically to support resellers and shared hosting Web sites, the new platform offers access to an improved Control Panel that includes your new Reseller Console and great new tools for account management, providing a secure and reliable hosting environment.

We are still in the process of upgrading accounts to the new platform. Once you have received the e-mail confirmation that your reseller account has been upgraded, please carefully review the important information and changes below to understand the impact the new platform will have on you and your clients.

Please note that the settings information on this page applies to your reseller account. You should also review the information and changes page that relates to your clients' accounts.

We realize change isn't always easy, but we are confident that you'll find this platform upgrade -- and all the account management changes that go along with it -- offers the best overall performance of your Web site and those of your clients. We appreciate your careful attention to these changes, and we hope you'll contact us with any questions or concerns. For the quickest response, call us toll-free at 866-377-6579, our new reseller support line, designed to provide resellers with our highest priority service!

  • Introducing the WholesalePlus Reseller Program
  • Managing Your Hosting Account with the New Online Control Panel
  • Your Clients' Account Settings
  • Contact HostCentric Support for Assistance

  • Introducing the WholesalePlus Reseller Program

    The new WholesalePlus Reseller Program combines the features and services offered on the old platform with new tools designed to make it easier for you to manage your accounts.

    Your Reseller Console
    You now have access to a robust new Reseller Console that includes shortcuts to key tools, including client e-mail, domains, billing and Web files.

    With consolidated billing statements and a client search functionality, it's now a whole lot easier to manage every aspect of your clients' accounts. For more information about using the Reseller Console, review our tutorial.

    While the upgrade process is still going on, you'll also be able to use the Reseller Console to see which of your accounts are already on the new platform and which have yet to be upgraded.

    To access the account of a client who has not yet been upgraded to the new platform, simply click the login link for that client in the new Reseller Console. You'll be redirected to the legacy platform.

    Maintaining Your Brand through
    The WholesalePlus Reseller Program uses an unbranded Web site interface at for client login. Your clients can still log in at, though this address will now redirect them to

    Using the tools in the Reseller Console, you can customize the Control Panel your clients see with your logo, colors and fonts. You can also customize the support form to go to your e-mail address!

    New Hosting plans
    To help you be more competitive in the marketplace, we've increased the disk space, bandwidth and mailbox allotment for all hosting packages. We've also added these increased allotments to your existing clients' accounts!

    No Setup Fees
    We recognize that your success is our success, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to sign up new accounts. Once your reseller account has been upgraded to the new platform, we will waive the setup fee for new accounts!

    Domain Pricing
    A higher cost for domains has caused us to increase the reseller pricing of domain registrations and renewals to $8.50. We apologize for any inconvenience this slight price increase may cause; we do not anticipate this price to rise further.

    Subdomains for Unix Child Accounts
    We will longer provide a subdomain ( for your client accounts. Instead, each new account will have its own subdomain ( on AccountSupport.

    Important Note about Your Clients' Usernames
    The usernames and passwords of your clients accounts have not changed. However, for security reasons, all accounts on the new platform have just one login. The login for any of your client accounts is the username assigned to it when the account was created. (In some cases, we have found that resellers were referencing accounts by names other than these original usernames or using alternate logins, causing some confusion.)

    We've added an "Account Name" field to your Reseller Console -- please feel free to edit your client account names to make it easier for you to reference them. (The account login will still be the original username.)

    If you have any questions or concerns about your clients' usernames, please let us know.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    For more information about the WholesalePlus Reseller Program, visit our FAQ page.

    New Reseller Support Number
    If you have questions about the new platform, please call 866-377-6579. This phone number is our new reseller support line, devoted exclusively to helping you adjust to the new platform and providing you with our highest priority service. Our Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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    Manage Your Hosting Account with the New Control Panel

    If your hosting account is hosted by, you are going to love the new Control Panel. It offers access to all aspects of your account, including file management, e-mail, CGI and more! Now that your account is on the new platform, you can log in at:

    To learn more about the new Control Panel, please visit our tutorial.

    You'll also want to read about the Important Changes that impact HostCentric hosting customers to be sure your account is working correctly on the new platform.

    Unless otherwise noted in the e-mail confirmation we sent you, your username and password have not changed. However, you now have a single username and password for all aspects of your account. (On the new platform, you should log into FTP and FrontPage with your Control Panel username. If you used to have different usernames for either FTP or FrontPage, you will need to update your information for those programs.)

    For security reasons, subusername logins (which may have provided limited access to your account) are no longer supported. Only your main account username and password can access your Control Panel.

    You will no longer be able to log in at Clientcentric ( Instead, access your account by logging into the new Control Panel at

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    Your Clients' Account Settings

    Because your clients' accounts are hosted on, their account settings differ slightly from your own. To learn more about your clients settings, review the Important Changes on AcountSupport by logging into a client account. You can also preview them on HostCentric.

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    Contact HostCentric Support for Assistance

    If you have questions or need assistance, our Support Team is there to help 24x7.

  • Phone: (866) 377-6579

  • E-mail:

  • You can also visit our Online Support Center to submit a request or chat with an agent.

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